Elsy Guevara is a famous web star who is famous especially on Instagram. She over 800,000 followers supporting her work. She rose to fame from posting interesting selfies and OOTD related content on her IG account, elsyootd.

Elsy got serious on the famous image sharing platform Instagram in June 2017.

She was born in the United States on September 21, 1996, which makes her age 22 years old. The beauty comes from Los Angeles and no wonder she has so much swag. She is very famous on YouTube because of the channel she runs with Alondra Ortiz. Their channel, Alondra & Elsy, has accrued over 550,000 subscribers supporting her work.

Elsy Guevara is close friends with Marie Madore as they appear on Instagram photos together.

Victoria Nguyen is a famous Vietnamese model and Instagram star. She rose to fame from posting sizzling photos to her main account victoriamynguyen. Her other two IG handles are vmynguyen where she posts about Polaroid journey and the other one is vmyfitness which she posts about her fitness tips. As a result, she has ended up working with a lot of different photographers in the world.

She has been modeling her azz off since 2012 but she took things serious in her career until 2014. Esquire.com featured her as “The Women We Love of Instagram”. She has also worked for a yearly calendar which they use her as a cover and she puts on her website.

The model was born in Vietnam on October 31, 1992, which makes her age 26 years old. She later relocated to Los Angeles, California where she is currently pursuing her modeling career.

Victoria Nguyen looks up to Naomi Campbell as her role model. Naomi has been a public figure for many models.

Marie Madore is a model who has worked with Maxim who named her as Miss Hot Import Nights Dallas and a semi-finalist for Maxim’s Hometown Hotties list in 2014. She also has worked with Playboy.

During her time of hustling back in the day, the model threw up her modeling career since it was not paying her bills. So she began doing side gigs at the local boutiques.

She was born in Southern California on November 21, 1991, which makes her age 27 years old. The model is half-Chinese, half-Cambodian, and half-Vietnamese. As a result, she is so beautiful. She grew up in Dallas Texas where she learned a lot from the place’s lifestyle.

Marie Madore is very famous just like the popular Asian-American model, Victoria Nguyen.

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