Amanda Yu is a popular model who has modeled for brands like Target, Nordstrom, and Macy’s. She gained fame from posting modeling and lifestyle content to her Instagram account, itsamandayu.

Her modeling journey started in 2009 when she was in San Francisco.

The allure had her first major endorsement from Ford LA. Right after that, she relocated to New York and had another deal with Ford NY.

She was born in California on September 9, 1992, which makes her age 27 years old. She took a semester off from her school after she passed to convince her parents. In fact, she convinced that this could a big turn in her modeling career that she had to go to model in New York.

Amanda Yu and Jayda Nalamlieng are popular Instagram models who have worked with Ford Models.

Alexandra Twerksess is a popular Instagram sensation who gained popularity from posting modeling photos to her Instagram page, mir_twerksess. Her account has over 50,000 followers supporting her work. They keep her company and legit online.

She opened her IG social handle in February 2014. However, she has been modeling ever since. In fact, she is a great model.

She was born in Russia on May 18, 1996, which makes her age 23 years old. She is originally a Russian. The beauty went to the Russian State University of Justice and studied a major in law. As a result, she became a lawyer.

Sophia Diamond is another Russian Instagram models like Alexandra Twerksess.

Dammy Fitness is a fitness guru and web star. Her popularity is high on Instagram because she has over 50,000 followers supporting her work. She is also a coach of many different models and athletes. She rose to fame from posting fitness, modeling, and workout content to her page.

The allure opened her Instagram account on September 2015.

The beauty promotes so many brands and companies like Phen 600 and Desodalina. She is very famous on Instagram because she has over 50,000 followers supporting her work.

She was born in Brasilia, Brazil on September 27, 1981, which makes her age 38 years old. Basilia is a place where she also grew up in.

Dammy Fitness is a great fitness instructor from Brazil like Bella Falconi.