Imane Batma

Imane Batma – Bio, Facts, Family and The Social Media Life

Imane Batma is a Moroccan model with a perfect sense of beauty, fashion, and modeling. Thus, she is very popular on social media because she has over 750,000 followers on Instagram supporting her. She rose to fame from posting beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and modeling-related content to her IG page.

She opened up her IG account in 2014 and posted her first photo on August 15th. The photo was about a selfie of her pink jeans.

She was born in Casablanca, Morocco on March 9, 1993, which makes her age 26 years old. In addition, she has a brother and a younger sister. She has a YouTube channel and on June 22, 2018, she posted a video on her channel “City Of Stars” from La La Land.

Imane Batma shares photos of Audrey Hepburn on Instagram frequently.