Andrea Brooks is an American web star who is very famous on YouTube because of her lifestyle and DIY related content that she posts. Her channel AndreasChoice has accrued over 4.4 million subscribers and that is too many subscribers. In short, she breaks a bank off her YouTube channel.

Brooks is a lifestyle coach and influencer loved started to love art at such a young age. She has even illustrated and shared her own comic books. In 2010, Maker Studios signed her as their first channel and she moved to Los Angeles, California.

She was born in California on September 4, 1986, which makes her age 32 years old. She has a beautiful twin sister Brittany and also a brother Anthony. In other words, she is a family person.

Andrea Brooks has appeared on many popular blogs such as Perez Hilton’s.

Nicolette Waltzer is a famous American DIY slime creator who knows well how to market herself. She is so popular on Instagram as she has over 2.1 million followers supporting her work. She rose to fame from posting her homemade slime creatives that she often makes. It really started as a hobby for her, obviously.

She has a strong following on YouTube under username Nicolette Taylor where she has accrued thousands of subscribers. Even though, she has not been very active on YouTube like on Instagram, her video “SLIME ROOM TOUR!! instagram glitter slime’s slime room tour” has received over 2.9 million views.

She was born in the United States on January 2, 1996, which makes her age 23 years old. She is a New York City girl, as a result, the beauty has got urban styles and swag. No bread is hard when eaten with tea. The beauty has dated Jeff Mattera and their relationship has been a blessing to her.

Nicolette Waltzer works with other web stars, slime creators such as Gaby Leah.

Women on Instagram have such a big impact on our community nowadays. Monika Falcik is a famous social media star with perfect beauty on the front. She often posts lifestyle, beauty, fashion-related content to her Instagram account where she has over 100,000 followers supporting her work.

The beauty is very popular TikTok with account powerpuffmoniq where she has over 1.7 million fans. In short, she is a web star. In April 2014, she started posting on Instagram and her journey began. As a result, she makes money off the net now.

Monika Falcik was born in Lithuania on May 6, 1995, which makes her age 24 years old. She also grew up in the that country. The beauty has appeared alongside Monika Salciute a few times, both looked classic.

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