The Story Of Svetlana Bilyalova Before And Plastic Surgery

Svetlana Bilyalova is such a unique model just like her name. She is a famous Russian socialite and model who happens to be working her modeling life in Los Angeles, California. She is very well known on Instagram because of her beauty and body. The beauty is also a fitness model who regularly shares with her fans her workout sessions just to inspire her fans. She has accrued a lot of fans on IG. Her account currently has over 6.3 million followers. That number is not a joke for a fitness model. She uses her account to share her diet, fitness regime and also her exercise routine.

Rumor has it that her body does come as a result of plastic surgery. Many persistently put a claim on that. Nevertheless, her social media fame and attraction remain the same. In January 2017, she shared a video claimed to be a way to check if someone has fake azz, silicone implants not through the use of two smartphones. The video went viral and garnered over 2.2 million views within a short period of time. Svetlana Bilyalova even became more famous after she performed as video model on a popular song called ‘Low Life’ of the renowned artists such as Future and The Weeknd.

Due to the facts about her curvy body, she has achieved to be on many swimsuits and sports magazines even she is not represented by any modeling agency. She also works with other established models and keeps a perfect relationship with them.

Road To The Internet Fame

Svetlana Bilyalova come from a very early start when Vine was popular and active. Before the app was discontinued she was making her way up by creating funny videos. Her fan base was little at the time until she decided to move on to other social media platforms. What a move!. Her Instagram account was opened in January 2013, so you can see where that over 6.3 million followers are coming from. She achieved popularity in no time after she was on IG. Her beauty performs.

The fact that her Instagram page was trending, really helped her to go further on her career and led her to receive more endorsements, and campaigns from all over the world. She is currently living in Los Angeles where most of the IG stars are living and making their dreams come true. She has two Instagram accounts, first primary account is ‘@svetabily’ and the other which is like her backup account is ‘@bilyalova_sveta’.

The Scandals and the Buzz On Svetlana Bilyalova

Svetlana Bilyalova attacked the internet hard through the use of the internet with her stunning exceptional body. She rose to fame posting racy sizzling photos on her IG. It’s a masterpiece. The model has been on an ongoing topic about her body been gone through plastic surgery. People have noticed the striking difference of how she used to look in the past and now. They have been comparing her old photos and the new ones. Rumor has it that since she lives in Los Angeles, it is possible that she did undergo plastic surgeries to make her body more appealing than before. And that she has done a number of plastic surgeries on her body.

Svetlana has denied such claims and that she has a natural beauty. Most of her fans support her on that note. They see the difference from before she was famous and now. They say she has fuller lips, curvy, and a thinner waist. She has  a different nose shape. It’s the new normal anyway.